Thursday, December 9, 2010

Men's Socks

This pattern is intermediate difficulty. It assumes knowledge of the following:  previous sock knitting experience, pattern reading, Judy's Magic CO, short row heels.

Wool Socks for my husband.  I think I made these in the fall/winter of 2009.  KnitPicks Essential, 154g (5 1/2 oz) current weight

Sock yarn held double, about 693 yds (633.7m)  (just over 3 balls of fingering yarn at 231yds/50g)

Dpns US 3 (3.25mm).
Toe up.

About men's US 12

Gauge  (in stockinette stitch with yarn held double)
24.5 sts x 33 rows = 4"

Judy's Magic CO 24.
Inc 4sts EOR until 56sts total.

Knit even for 6.5 ", or 8" from CO.

Short row heel over 38 sts. Dec 8 or 9x, until 20sts are left or until 9 1/2" from CO.
Turn heel. Back to 56 sts.

Knit even for 1 1/2".

Ribbing for 7 1/4" or until long enough.
(k4, p3) 8x around.

Bind off
k2, k2tog tbl, (k or p 1, k2 tog tbl) until all sts bound off.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crochet Fingerless Mitts

(still crocheting these, pattern not quite done)
Direction of stitching is lengthwise, from arm to fingers.  These are intended to cover the gap between short winter gloves and coat sleeves.

sock yarn (Serenity Sock weight, 230yds(210m)/50g(1.76oz)
hook D (Crystal Palace bamboo)

ch        chain
dc        double crochet
tdc       turning dc - extended stitch that replaces ch at start of row of dc
ldc       linked dc - instead of 1st yo in dc, insert hook under horizontal bar of previous stitch in same row, yo and pull up a loop
fldc      foundation ldc - combine foundation dc with linked dc

Row 1:  Ch 1, make 1 tdc, fldc into 1st ch, 49 fldc (total 50 fldc, or desired length), turn.
Row 2: Turning dc, ldc across, turn.

Add short rows so mitt flares on arm side.
27ldc, 2sc, 1sl st, turn.
Skip sl st, 5sc, 5hdc, ldc to end.
12ldc, 2sc, 1sl st, turn.

Skip sl st, 5sc, 5hdc, ldc to end.

Repeat row 2 until work is wide enough to wrap around wrist.
Add more short rows as desired.

At the same time as you work the last row, join it to base of foundation row. Leave openning for thumb at the narrow end.